APFwebs: Santa Fe, NM

Life and times

Words count. Words mark our path in the dust. I write to tell you of the clear sky in my dusty land. And now and then to give you a grin.

“Albo P Fossa”? Just words. Comune di Fossa is a small medieval village in the hinterland of L’Aquilla, in the Abruzzo region of Italy; a place rich in history, archeology and nature, awaiting anyone seeking refuge from the frenetic city. Between Roma near one coast and Giulianova on the other. It’s known for its ancient necropolis (fossa: pit).

The “P” stands for “Jesse”. Like IBM stands for computers. Or a tree stands in the forest. Or a responsible man stands for human decency. Or I stand in line at the grocery.

I started out as a very young child. From watching westerns in those days I dreamed of places like this. Even then, I couldn’t get enough of its clear skies, dry and odd-shaped landscapes, its music and—what passed as, there—its food. Until, twenty-three years later, I finally came home. A long path.

In 2002 I launched APFwebs. In 2006 I opened a blog. I merged the two as APFwebs in 2013. (An Italian running shoe merchant now has the name first used by the blog.)

It took so long to get to this moment. But here I am now, and I can get around to what I was going to do. If only words could talk, they’d speak volumes. Listen.


WordPress powers the blog. I butchered his original H5 template so heavily, Jeff Starr might say “Moi?”

I write from memory. I make liberal use of words from the English language under presumption of public domain.